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AHONA - Alternative Heating of North America

AHONA™ specializes in quality heating systems to keep you warm and comfortable while you gain energy independence and save money. We import some of the most popular brands of European Gasification Boilers. Most notably these include the Vigas Vimar® and Viadrus® ( a full cast iron line) brands. Our boilers are offered throughout North America and are UL391 listed, CSA B366.1 and CSA B415.1 certified. Our focus is on combustion of biomass primarily in the form of firewood and wood pellets. We also specialize in grains of many varieties (including spent grains from brewing/distilling), wood chips, round / square bales, agro pellets, fruit puts, nut shells and an array of other possibilities. We operate in both the residential and commercial market and our typical nominal output capacity ranges from 16,000 Btu to 3.5 MMBtu; larger units are available upon demand. Our systems range from simple combustion, without the need for electricity, to full automation. Our systems are perfect for off-grid locations and we assist in system design and integration for our customers, as well as troubleshooting. In addition, we carry a wide array of parts and accessories from hot air coils, domestics water coils, cast iron radiators, Wilo pumps, Laddomat products, thermic valves to thermal storage tanks. We carry parts for the Bixby® Pellet/Corn Combo units, as well as parts and accessories for some of the discontinued Orlan® Wood Gasification Boilers like the EKO® and Paxo® lines.

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