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Sigma Thermal, Inc.

Eric Dessecker | Executive Vice President
P: 770-427-5770

Sigma Thermal offers biomass-fired energy systems and related equipment to industrial clients worldwide. Our biomass systems include a reciprocating grate furnace, designed for the complete combust . . read more


Tim Ciucci | Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
P: 203-262-9400 | F: 203-262-9488

CompuWeigh is the industry leader in automated RFID truck systems. To comply with FSMA guidelines, SmartTouch allows drivers to answer prior load declaration questions right from the cab of their t . . read more

Drying Technology, Inc.

John Robinson | Owner/President
P: 409-385-6422

For thirty-years, we have developed and supplied the latest in moisture sensing and control systems for rotary, flash, ring, spray, belt, fluid-bed and batch dryers. Our patented Delta T moisture s . . read more