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Diagnostic Technology

Mark Van Asten | CEO
P: 61299862011 | F: 61299862022

Phytoxigene is a molecular (DNA) based technology that detects and quantifies the presence of Cyanobacteria, blue green algae, and their toxin producing genes in aquatic environments. The Phytoxigene . . read more

Trace Environmental Systems

Jim Toolen | Sales Manager
P: 201-670-7077 | F: 201-670-0616

Trace Environmental Systems is the industry leader in providing stack monitoring solutions.We are one of the few fully integrated companies in the industry. Our Continuous Emissions Monitoring Syst . . read more

TRC Environmental Corp.

Dan Grabowski | Project Director
P: 312-533-2024 | F: 312-533-2070

TRC provides results you can rely on. TRC Environmental Corp. is one of the world’s largest providers of air measurement services including source testing, ambient monitoring, Boiler MACT, MATS, RAT . . read more