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Allen Wagoner | President
P: 336-299-2933 | F: 336-299-2944

FLAMEX, Inc. specializes in the protection of facilities that handle combustible dusts that utilize pneumatic dust collection and air filtration systems.

We introduced the FLAMEX Spark Dete . . read more

GreCon, Inc.

Richard Harrold | IS/Marketing Manager
P: 503-641-7731 | F: 503-641-7508

Risks in BiomassThe processing of biomass products into pellet fuels often requires very complex processes. Biomass is worked by numerous fast running machines including hammer mills and pelletizer . . read more

Fire Ice

Paul Christle | Director of Communications
P: 561-427-6144 | F: 561-427-6182

GelTech Solutions is committed to creating effective solutions to common problems. We created the FireIce® line of products to fight fires efficiently and effectively, all while doing so safely . . read more

Firefly AB

Mikael Jidenius | Area Sales Manager
P: 4684492500 | F: 4684492501

There are several high-risk zones where fires or dust explosions can occur in the biomass industry. Firefly has for over 40 years, specialized in creating tailor-made systems of the highest technic . . read more