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Hermann Sewerin GmbH

Ingo Matlachowski | US Sales Manager
P: 18885929916 | F: 495241934444

The Sewerin group of companies is an internationally successful, family owned group with its headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany. The core business is the development, production and global dis . . read more

NDC Technologies

Andrew Wheeler | Marketing Coordinator
P: 441621878124

NDC offers moisture measurement solutions for a diverse range of industrial gauging applications in the Minerals and Bulk Materials Industries, helping our customers to:

Optimize Drying Pro . . read more

Intek, Inc.

Tony Bonina | Sales & Marketing Manager
P: 614-895-0301 | F: 614-895-0301

Intek's RheothermĀ® Flow Meters are suitable for inline and pipe/duct flow monitoring of most chemicals and gases. Our thermal mass sensor technology means there are no moving parts which provides ver . . read more

Mantracourt Electronics, Ltd.

Owen Davis | Marketing
P: 7713197294

Mantracourt Electronics are a UK-based manufacturer of wireless telemetry and measurement systems used in the alternative energy sector.

MoistTech Corp.

Sarah Hammond | Marketing Coordinator
P: 941-727-1800

With the help of industry partners, the engineers at MoistTech have developed the IR-3000, an extremely accurate moisture sensor, that mounts above the biomass and gives reliable, real-time reading . . read more

Monitor Technologies, LLC

Cris Breck | Director of Business Development
P: 630-365-9403

Monitor Technologies provides a wide range of instrumentation solutions for silo level indication, continuous level measurement, inventory management, solids flow monitoring, moisture measurement, . . read more

MRU Instruments

John Bickers | Vice President of Business Development
P: 832-230-0155 | F: 832-230-1553

For over 30 years MRU has been manufacturing portable and stationary analyzers for combustion, emissions, bio gas, and syn gas covering a wide array of markets/industries. Support of MRU products i . . read more

Ohio Lumex

Bob Mullowney | Director of CEM Systems
P: 440-264-2500

Ohio Lumex began nearly 20 years ago with a cutting-edge mercury analyzer that quickly became the industry standard and continues to be a critical tool for industrial hygienists, first responders, and . . read more

WIKA Instrument LP

Ravi Jethra | Market Segment Manager
P: 240-513-5101

WIKA is a global market leader in pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement technology. Working together with our customers, we develop comprehensive solutions based on our high-quality mea . . read more