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Biomass Energy Lab

Tammy Hippchen | Business Development Specialist
P: 218-461-2579

Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) provides ISO 17025 compliant third party analytical testing services for both domestic (ASTM) and international (CEN/EN) sol . . read more

Timber Products Inspection

Tammy Hippchen | Business Development Specialist
P: 218-461-2579

Timber Products Inspection (TP) specializes in providing analytical testing services for the biomass and densified fuel industry. ISO 17025 Accredited for both ASTM and CEN/EN methods, TP serves bo . . read more

Celignis Biomass Analysis Laboratory

Daniel Hayes |
P: 0035361518440 | F: 0035361518440

A biomass analysis lab that determines properties relevant to the production of energy and advanced biofuels. We can find the potential for making advanced biofuels from your samples using our uniq . . read more

Digester Doc

Will Charlton | President
P: 208-731-3234

Anaerobic Digester dedicated Consulting and Laboratory Services. Biological optimization, BioMethane Potential testing, feedstock analysis and digestate solids and liquids testing.

LabCal Repair & Services, Inc.

James Scholes | Vice President/General Manager
P: 281-961-3453

Analytical laboratory testing bio fuels, feed stocks, chemicals, petroleum products & environmental. We offer quick turnaround as well as fair pricing.