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Richard Harrold | IS/Marketing Manager
P: 704-912-0000

GreCon Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems are a preventative measure that can eliminate the early causes of fires or dust explosions. Sensors detect the spark’s or ember’s infr . . read more

MoistTech Corp.

Sarah Hammond | Marketing Coordinator
P: 941-727-1800

With the help of industry partners, the engineers at MoistTech have developed the IR-3000, an extremely accurate moisture sensor, that mounts above the biomass and gives reliable, real-time reading . . read more

ACO Automation Components Johannes Mergl e.K. Moisture Measuring Systems

Robert Becker | Sales, Service & Export Manager
P: 00490774691316 | F: 00490774691317

-Online moisture sensors for bulk materials e.g. sawdust, woodchips, barks, shavings (biomass) also minerals and other chemical products are possible -Mounting kits for sensor integration -Air humi . . read more

COMM-connect A/S

Thomas Pedersen | Managing Director
P: 4548288282

Microwave Moisture Measurement Systems for straw bales.

PCE Instruments

Donald Loudermilk | Technical Sales & Support Manager
P: 561-320-9162 | F: 561-320-9176

PCE Instruments (PCE) is a leading supplier of test, measurement and inspection equipment. Founded by German engineers nearly two decades ago, PCE offers 500+ instruments with applications in engin . . read more

Sensortech Systems, Inc.

F. Keith McCallion | Marketing Manager
P: 805-981-3735

Sensortech Systems, Inc. has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for more than thirty years. Incorporated in 1983 Sensortech has become the global leader in applied moisture m . . read more