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ProChem, Inc.

Tom Boehling | Technology Specialist
P: 540-380-8528

ProChem is a leading provider of industrial water and wastewater treatment programs, systems, and supplies, including CleanWESP chemical treatment programs for the Wood Pellets industry. CleanWESP . . read more

ADI Systems

Shannon Grant | President
P: 506-452-7307

With over 35 years of experience, ADI Systems, an Evoqua brand, is a world leader in industrial wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy solutions. Our proven anaerobic and aerobic technologies rel . . read more


Vital Strumza | President
P: 201-758-1577

Manufacturer of Evaporators, Crystallizers, Distillation Columns, Spray Dryers, Desalination.

Allance Compost Turner Machinery

Olivia Lewis | Sales Manager
P: 8656555525

Allance Compost Turner Machinery is a modern enterprise specialized in manufacturing compost turners which is integrated with research, production and marketing of the mechanical equipment. The hea . . read more

Gen3Bio, Inc.

Kelvin Okamoto | CEO
P: 847-271-9285

Gen3Bio transforms municipal wastewater by converting landfill expenses into profitable specialty chemicals by maximizing chemical recovery yields from algae via a proprietary enzyme blend that opt . . read more


Jess Ornum | Application Specialist
P: 800-225-5457

Komline-Sanderson offers the high-efficiency, indirectly heated, K-S Paddle Dryer, which can be heated with steam or circulated thermal fluid. K-S has experience in drying biosolids, sludge, and wo . . read more

M.W. Watermark

Jeremy Johnson | Manager
P: 616-399-8850

M.W. Watermark is a leading supplier of water equipment. We offer a complete line of filter presses suited for all different water-needs functions. Our surplus equipment is professionally refurbish . . read more

McLanahan Corporation

Ethan Weyant | Marketing Coordinator
P: 814-695-9807 | F: 814-695-6684

McLanahan Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of safer, simpler and smarter equipment that helps producers do more than ever in today’s tough marketplace. From Material Pro . . read more

Pick Heaters, Inc.

Stephanie Crass | Marketing Manager
P: 262-338-1191

With their decades of experience in starch cooking, the Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater also provides instantaneous and complete cooking of cornstarch mash during the liquefaction process of eth . . read more

Pick Heaters, Inc.

Sales Deptartment |
P: 262-338-1191 | F: 262-338-8489

With their decades of experience in starch cooking, the Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater also provides instantaneous and complete cooking of cornstarch mash during the liquefaction process of eth . . read more

Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Don Aholt | Vice President of Industrial Systems
P: 913-888-5201

The biofuels and biochemicals industries benefit from Smith & Loveless treatment systems that reclaim all of their treated wastewater for secondary water reuse. Applicable S&L systems inclu . . read more

Swenson Technology, Inc.

Erick Neuman | International Business Manager
P: 708-587-2300

SWENSON is the global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for value-based separations. We specialize in innovative process systems for the production of valuable products . . read more

Universal Pumping

David Chittick | Manager of Technical Sales & Services
P: 770-592-8664

Robust High Pressure Pumps used for many applications including: Wastewater Treatment, Water treatment, Biogas Process, Filter Press Feed Pump, Sludge Pump, Abrasive Slurries, Cement, Clay, Kaolin, . . read more

Uzelac Industries, Inc.

Mike Porter | Biomass Sales Manager
P: 620-205-9730

Uzelac Industries, Inc. products are custom designed drying systems serving a wide range of industries, providing factory-assembled dryers that require either minimal installation or onsite assembl . . read more

Vaughan Company, Inc.

Stefanie Vaughan | Marketing & Trade Show Manager
P: 360-249-4042 | F: 360-249-6155

Since 1960, Vaughan Company has been a leader in quality and service in the pumping industry. We specialize in process mixing systems, bio-waste, as well as fats, oils & grease recycling. Vaugh . . read more