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US Biochar Initiative

Tom Miles | Executive Director
P: 503-780-8185 | F: 503-644-4406

Non-profit organization promoting the cost effective use of biochar. Biochar is charcoal made from biomass for use in soil. It is used in soil and growing media to hold water, retain nutrients, bal . . read more

Advanced Biofuels USA

Joanne Ivancic | Executive Director
P: 301-644-1395

Advanced Biofuels USA, a nonprofit educational organization advocates for the adoption of advanced biofuels as an energy security, military flexibility, economic development and climate change miti . . read more

Alliance for Green Heat

John Ackerly | President
P: 301-204-9562

The Alliance for Green Heat promotes cleaner and more efficient residential wood and pellet heating. We also host the bi-annual Wood Stove Design Challenge to spur innovation in next generation stove . . read more

American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers

Dolores Landeck | Director of Public Affairs
P: 269-429-0300

The American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biolo . . read more

Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

Andrew Schmidt | Agricultural Policy Program Manager
P: 202-838-3472 | F: 202-350-9869

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies is the collective voice of North America’s state, provincial and territorial fish and wildlife agencies that promotes sound, science-based mana . . read more

Association of Warm Season Grass Producers

Will Brandau | Chairman
P: 570-814-0195

* Promotes the planting and use of warm-season grasses* Works to maximize the profitability of these crops for local farmers*Assists in educating growers on the implementation of best practices for . . read more

Bellemare Group

Charles Doucet | Sales
P: 819-697-8041

Abrasives & Minerals

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand

Brian Cox | Executive Officer
P: 64274771048

Sector association covering biomass energy for heat, electricity and transport fuel in the Oceania region. Focus on wood energy , anaerobic digestion and pr . . read more

Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC)

Peter Thompson | Project Coordinator
P: 202-596-3974 | F: 202-223-5537

MissionThe Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) advances the sustainable use of wood and agricultural biomass for clean, efficient heat and combined heat and power to meet America’s energy n . . read more

Canadian Association for Renewable Energies (we c.a.r.e.)

Bill Eggertson | Executive Director
P: 613-663-5400 | F: 844-668-2546

National association to promote feasible applications of green power, green fuels and green heat.

Cooling Techology Institute

Jalene Fritz | Membership Committee
P: 970-593-8637 | F: 970-472-1304

CTI’s mission is to advocate and promote the use of environmentally responsible cooling technologies: wet cooling towers; air-cooled condensers; indirect cooling; and hybrid systems, by encou . . read more

Forest Landowners of California

Deidre Bryant | Executive Director
P: 877-326-3778 | F: 916-294-0415

Forest Landowners of California is a statewide organization of nonindustrial forest landowners representing the interests of the family forest owners in California who are actively managing their land . . read more

Forest Resources Association

Deb Hawkinson | President
P: 202-296-3937 | F: 202-296-0562

The Forest Resources Association represents the interests of nearly 400 organizations and businesses in the forest products industry. Our members range from loggers, mills, equipment manufacturers, . . read more

International District Energy Association

Robert Thornton | President & CEO
P: 508-366-9339 | F: 508-366-0019

The International District Energy Association (IDEA) was founded in 1909 with the mission to foster the success of its members as leaders in providing reliable, economical, efficient and environmen . . read more

Maine Pellet Fuels Association

William Bell | Executive Director
P: 207-752-1392

Trade Association

Masonry Heater Association of North America

Richard Smith | Executive Director
P: 520-883-0191

MHA is an association of builders, manufacturers and retailers of masonry heaters and masonry wood fired bake ovens whose purpose is to promote the industry, sponsor research and development, shape . . read more

Massachusetts Forest Alliance/MA Statewide Wood En

Christopher Egan | Executive Director
P: 617-455-9918

The Massachusetts Forest Alliance represents the forest products industry in the state, including forest landowners, foresters, timber harvesters, forest products companies, and wood energy companies. . . read more

National Sorghum Producers

John Duff | Strategic Business Director
P: 806-749-3478

National Sorghum Producers serves as the voice of the sorghum industry from coast to coast through legislative and regulatory representation and education.

Nebraska Ethanol Board

Megan Grimes | Ethanol Program Manager
P: 402-471-2941

The Nebraska Ethanol Board works to ensure strong public policy and consumer support for biofuels. Since 1971, the independent state agency has designed and managed programs to expand production, m . . read more

Neutopia Turn-key Project Finance & Development Network

Robert Laporte | President & CEO
P: 905-581-6333

Founded in 2008, Neutopia is a network of 200+ technology manufacturing and investment firms specializing in everything cleantech. Founders of the ERS Energy Program & ecoParks which bundles ke . . read more

ORR Corporation

Zach Nelson | Director of Marketing
P: 502-774-5791

Since 1948, ORR Corporation has dedicated itself to protecting people, property, and the environment through its family of companies. The businesses ORR Safety, ORR Protection, and InspectionLogic hav . . read more

Renewable Thermal Collaborative

Alexandra Rekkas | Senior Research Associate
P: 703-717-5590

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) serves as the leading coalition for organizations that are committed to scaling up renewable heating and cooling at their facilities and dramatically cutting . . read more

TAPPI's International Bioenergy & Bioproducts Conference (IBBC)

Lisa Stephens | Division Manager of Pulp, Paper & Nanotechnology
P: 770-209-7313 | F: 770-446-6947

TAPPI is the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and converting industries. Each year, TAPPI presents the International Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference (IBBC) . . read more

Technology Transition Corporation

Jeff Serfass | President & CEO
P: 202-457-0868 | F: 202-223-5537

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy industries. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to adv . . read more