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Air Resource Specialists, Inc.

D. Howard Gebhart | Manager of Environmental Compliance Section
P: 970-484-7941 | F: 970-484-3423

Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) provides environmental permitting and compliance support to regulated entities. ARS provides technical and regulatory support on Clean Air Act permitting for ca . . read more

Conversion Technology, Inc.

Brian Edwards | Director of Engineering
P: 770-263-6330

Conversion Technology, Inc. is an environmental and safety consulting firm with experience helping clients with environmental permitting, occupational safety, and process safety (including combusti . . read more

EPS, Inc.

Thomas Sweat | Senior Principal
P: 404-315-9113 | F: 404-315-8509

EPS is an environmental consulting firm that has helped its clients for two decades achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and aim for environmental excellence – all as elements of profit . . read more

RSG-Resource Systems Group, Inc.

John Hinckley | Director
P: 802-299-4999

RSG applies state-of-the-art modeling and analytics to environmental management, helping organizations make critical decisions with confidence. Within the Biomass industry, we often work with clien . . read more