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CPM Di Piu Systems

Tim Gilbert | Sales Manager
P: 765-362-2600 | F: 765-364-8010

Recovering waste and by-products from industrial production and exploiting them as a resource; reducing volumes and moderating transport and storage costs; recycling waste and making it a precious . . read more

A.S. Rajan Agro Industries

Rajeshkumar S. | Manager
P: 8971171378

We are Biomass Briquette Manufacturers and suppliers based in Tamilnadu, India.

Biomass Briquette Systems

Dave Schmucker | President
P: 877-893-2444 | F: 530-893-2444

Biomass Briquette Systems grinders and briquetting presses are capable of densifying wood waste and many other agricultural feed stocks containing less than 15% moisture. These feed stocks can easi . . read more

C.F. Nielsen A/S

Esben Vestergaard | Regional Sales Manager
P: 4560437733

C.F. Nielsen is the leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. We supply briquetting solutions all over the world for production of industrial type of briquettes for use in big boilers . . read more

Hartpence Farms

Larry Hartpence | Owner
P: 570-842-6464 | F: 570-848-2499

Hartpence Farms is a grower and processor of grasses, incuding Miscanthus in Northeast PA. We produce briquettes and pellets.

RUF Briquetting Systems

Greg Tucholski | President
P: 440-779-2747 | F: 440-328-4626

RUF briquetting machines can accommodate most residual materials, from wood and sawdust waste to non-wood biomass. With RUF briquetting systems, waste is compacted into briquettes that can be used . . read more