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RTI International

Caroline Ball | Marketing & Business Development Specialist
P: 919-485-5505 | F: 919-541-8002

RTI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition. Our engineers and scientists are conducting research and development to make the conver . . read more

Eldorado Biofuels

Paul Laur | President
P: 505-670-8490 | F: 505-986-3401

Plant and algae derived biofuels and bioproducts engineering and development through field trials for GMO plants and algae. Scaling project management.

Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting, LLC

Susan Rupp | CEO/Lead Consultant
P: 479-340-7018

Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting, LLC, (founded in 2006 by Dr. Susan Rupp - a Certified Wildlife Biologist®), provides expertise and risk assessments related to sustainable bioenergy developm . . read more

EPB Laboratories

Camille Rebelo |
P: 8473873609

EcoPlanet Laboratories is a subsidiary of EcoPlanet Bamboo Group. We are a research and product development center that provides the science and testing behind the commercialization of the major co . . read more

Hambro Forest Products, Inc.

David Slagle | President/CEO
P: 707-464-6131

Searching for renewable energy opportunities

Omnifuel Technology

John Black | President
P: 905-294-9768

Research, testing and development of laboratory scale biomass gasification, pyrolysis and activated carbon processes. Provide preliminary design, economic evaluation & assessment of thermal con . . read more

Round for a Reason, LLC

Andrew Murray | Member/Owner
P: 605-380-5562

An introduction to the patented (in USAand Canada) combustion and heat transfer technologies, Efficient Solid Fuel Burning Appliance.



Autumn | Founder & Owner
P: 111-111-1111

Sakgoten produces isopropyl ester biofuel and fungal mycelia biomass for use in research and development applications. The fungal mycelia biomass is produced using submerged cultivation and a synth . . read more

Xylome Corporation

Thomas Kelleher | CEO
P: 805-603-9736

Xylome develops new yeasts for new products from biomass and industrial by-product streams. Call to inquire and learn if our solutions fit your material. If there is a potential fit , then we may b . . read more