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Acclaim Technology Services India P, Ltd.

Divakar K. | Vice President of Marketing
P: 919566057273

Renewable Energy Consultants and EPC. Integrated Biomass Gasifier Projects with Energy Plantations; Solar Thermal using Trough Technology; Kitchen, Food, human, animal & garden waste to energy.

Biochar Now, LLC

James Gaspard | Executive Vice President of Business Development
P: 970-622-8071 | F: 970-622-8072

Produces and sells high-quality biochar. We utilize scalable technology developed in-house.

Voltek Energy, Inc.

Aram Sarkissian | COO
P: 818-235-4701

Turnkey pyrolysis systems including wastewater and exhaust gas treatment to meet local regulations. 1-5 tons per hour capacity. Optional equipment includes: Catalytic systems for: 1) Oil upgradi . . read more