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Airex Energy

Sylvain Bertrand | CEO
P: 450-661-6498 | F: 450-665-2605

Airex Energy manufactures torrefaction equipment that converts biomass into biocoal pellets, a clean and renewable alternative to coal for electricity generation. Airex Energy operates a first comm . . read more


John A. Paoluccio, PE | President
P: 209-545-1661 | F: 209-545-3533

CNFbiofuel™ is a patented technology that uses liquid phase Torrefaction. It processes wood pellets at near ambient pressure under a heat transfer fluid in a closed retort. The driven off moi . . read more

Norris Thermal Technologies/Biogreen

Aaron Norris | President/Sales
P: 574-353-7855

We are the North American representative for Biogreen. The thermochemical conversion processes that uses torrefaction, pyrolysis or gasification to convert waste streams into useful substances.

Wood Right Lumber Co.

Richard Inskeep | Operations
P: 910-576-4642

Wood Right Lumber Company in business since 1978, predominantly government sales and commercial specialties. Overall, applications in grants for engineered wood products, recycling, repurposing for ap . . read more