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Kalpana Singh | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 858-232-9658

Larksen is a biomass supply company founded to develop industrial scale biomass supply chains in North America. Larksen partners with local agricultural producers to create supply chain opportuniti . . read more

Dover Resources, Inc.

David Sorensen | President
P: 508-785-1763

Now offering scheduled, backhaul container delivery of biomass and PKS substitutes to customers in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. We offer biomass-based fuels such as wood chips and nut shells to w . . read more

International Pecan Company, LLC

Jesus Lozano | General Plant Manager
P: 830-719-2443

We are a company dedicated to Grow, Process and Package Pecans in USA and Mexico. We produce a usable Ag Residue that is the Pecan Shell. This can be used in many ways, as: Biomass Gasification, Bioma . . read more

Pacific Biomass Export Company

Ted Silberstein | CEO
P: 877-813-6640

We sell bulk volumes of renewable North America biomass feedstocks utilizing multiple established agriculture and forest biomass by-product supply chains.