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Air Burners, Inc.

Norbert Fuhrmann | Vice President of Sales
P: 888-566-3900

The PGFireBox eliminates all of the wood grinding and the need for secondary fuel. The particulate emissions are controlled and the waste is allowed to burn naturally, which makes it a truly carbon . . read more

Audrina Mills

John Proctor | Counsel
P: 203-544-8303

250,000+ tons per annum oak sawmill waste. Bark, saw dust, slash, etc.

Ecostrat, Inc.

Brett Hogarth | Director of Business Development | Advisory Group
P: 416-968-8884

Ecostrat is a biomass feedstock supply solutions company. Our Biomass Supply Group delivers quality feedstock on time, every time. We provide bankable, long-term supply contracts to projects across . . read more

Performance Corp.

James Brill | President
P: 920-833-7839 | F: 920-833-7255

Manufacturer of wood products & wood fiber including, bark mulch, sawdust, bedding, landscape mulch, wood chips, shredded wood fiber, boiler fuel, firewood

Wayne Twp. Landfill

Jay Alexander | General Manager
P: 570-769-6977 | F: 570-769-7366

Central PA Regional Landfill and recycling facility. We make certified E&S compost, mulch, bio retention material. Hauling and disposal options for waste. On-site railyard sitting on the Norfol . . read more