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DVO, Inc.

Melissa VanOrnum | Vice President of Marketing
P: 920-849-9797

DVO is the U.S. market leader for AD and environmental engineering, providing reliable, proven solutions and services to industry and agriculture for over 25 years. Since 2001, DVO has installed 12 . . read more

Vaughan Company, Inc.

Stefanie Vaughan | Marketing & Trade Show Manager
P: 360-249-4042 | F: 360-249-6155

Since 1960, Vaughan Company has been a leader in quality and service in the pumping industry. We specialize in process mixing systems, bio-waste, as well as fats, oils & grease recycling. Vaugh . . read more

Azura Associates, Inc.

Dave Ellis | Managing Director
P: 519-729-8790

We’re an experienced technical execution, regulatory compliance, and industrial & commercial advisory firm. Our highly experienced consultants work with manufacturers, farmers, end users, wastewater . . read more

Deshpande & Associates

Sharad Deshpande | Owner
P: 630-326-9299 | F: 630-326-9299

Environmental Consulting Services

EcoloCap Solutions, Inc.

Michael Siegel | CTO
P: 312-585-6670 | F: 312-585-6570

Aerobic digestion of any type of organic producing a pathologically free biomass.

EMG International, LLC

Irene Barbour | Lab Manager
P: 484-840-0800 | F: 484-840-1996

EMG International is an environmental engineering and consulting company offering environmental science and engineering services to private industry and government clients. EMG specializes in developi . . read more

Fresh Start Waste Services

Colin Harvey
P: 1942879440 | F: 8452770488

Fresh Start Waste is one of the North West's most trusted and forward-thinking waste management companies. We deal with construction, industrial and commercial waste with an emphasis on recycling and . . read more

PlanET Biogas USA, Inc.

Derek Hundert | General Manager
P: 877-266-0994

With more than 400 biogas plants operating successfully worldwide, we live our slogan ‘Design, Construction & Service’ and regard ourselves as a long-term partner with our customers . . read more

PolyGen Energy, LLC

Joseph Maceda | CEO
P: 917-932-7583

PolyGen is a developer of integrated biorefineries that convert low value organic materials into a wide range of high value products including gas, fertilizer and food.

Synthica Energy, LLC

Sam Schutte | Executive Officer
P: 513-382-8499

Synthica Energy is a renewable fuels and energy company focused on the development of anaerobic digestion (biogas) facilities in the Midwest. Our mission is divert one million tons per year of organic . . read more

TMC Fluid Systems, Inc.

Sam Mian | Director
P: 949-269-1472 | F: 949-423-0159

TMC Fluid Systems Inc manufactures, markets, distributes and services systems specifically designed for use with biogas, natural gas, syngas, and specialty gas - blower systems used for flaring as . . read more