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Aseagas Corporation

Enrico Abulo | Business Development & Sales Manager
P: 639175407709 | F: 6328862501

A renewable energy company producing biogas for power generation using biomass as feedstock

BioCNG, A Tetra Tech Company

Kay Turgeson | Sales & Business Manager
P: 630-410-7202

BioCNG, LLC is the co-inventor of the patent-pending BioCNG™ biogas conditioning system, which economically produces biogas-based fuel for compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

The i . . read more

Clean Energy Consultants

Ernie Pollitzer | Owner/Senior Engineer
P: 770-331-2858

Provide Engineering and Consulting work for EPA compliance and state regulatory requirements.

Enviro Associates International

Avijit Dasgupta | Vice President
P: 631-241-2860

Environmental consulting services in bioenergy, water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste management, industrial water and energy conservation, and ISO 14001. Projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, M . . read more

JM Smith International, Inc.

Hemang Shah | President
P: 561-385-7515

Biomass to power plants Biomass anaerobic digester plants

Puregas Solutions

Goran Eriksson | Vice President
P: 310-753-3565

Puregas Solutions, a Wärtsilä company, deliver highly efficient and reliable biogas upgrading solutions. Renewable Natural Gas for grid injection, bioCNG, bioLNG.The CApure upgrading proc . . read more