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Aries Clean Energy

Phoebe Claggett | Digital Marketing
P: 615-471-9299

We make clean energy easy, accessible, and affordable for our clients. Aries Clean Energy works with municipalities, businesses, and individuals who want to leverage clean energy solutions. We reduce . . read more

Green Star Gasifiers, LLC

Tony Demir | CEO
P: 270-599-4910

Green Star Gasifiers is a Nebraska based renewable energy company specializing in gasification, torrefaction and advanced wood-based biofuels.

RR Renewable Energy Consultants

George St. Onge | President
P: 732-768-7007 | F: 732-741-2087

Energy from Waste, introducing gasification and miniaturized fluidized bed combustion companies making electric and thermal energy. Feedstocks include MSW, C&D, agricultural, tires, plastics an . . read more

SynTech Bioenergy

Jason Erickson | Chief Marketing Officer
P: 360-869-6766

SynTech tackles two problems–abundance of waste and lack of energy–and transforms biomass, agricultural waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) into renewable heat and electricity, right where you n . . read more

ThermoChem Recovery International

Chris Doherty | CFO & Vice President of Business Development
P: 410-525-2400

ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. (TRI) develops and sells steam reforming gasification systems that provide the foundation for state-of-the-art integrated biorefinery facilities. We are deeply . . read more

West Biofuels

Matthew Hart | Director of Business Development
P: 530-207-5996

West Biofuels is one of North America's leading thermochemical technology development organizations. Home to a 6 ton per day pilot-scale Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed (FICFB) gasification . . read more