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3R Terra Humana Biochar & Bio-Phosphate Recovery Center, Ltd.

Edward Someus | Biochar S&T Senior Engineer
P: 362308054727

Biochar, bio-phosphate and BIO-NPK-C recovery industrial engineering, technology/product development and industrial production organization since 1989. Coordinator and key S&T engineer for Euro . . read more

Biomass Controls, LLC

Jeffrey Hallowell | President
P: 860-928-0712

Biomass Controls vision is to pioneer biogenic control technology for the thermal and power industries. Our control technology is supported by Software as a Service (SaaS) accessible through our mo . . read more

enVerde, LLC

Dave Goebel | CEO
P: 409-790-7458

enVerde is introducing a new thermochemical conversion process which can take carbon-based materials (including woody biomass, algae, crop residues, manure, plastics, tires, used oils) and convert the . . read more

Karr Group of Companies, LLC

Jim Brown | COO
P: 360-880-4054

We have the most economically and environmentally sustainable use of Bio-mass. We have new technology for the production of charcoal. During this process we extract very clean burning gas. We have . . read more

Synthigen, LLC

Jed Morris | Partner
P: 509-455-9555 | F: 509-363-2479

We develop and sell gasification systems that are designed to produce electricity, heat and biochar from seed cleaning waste, straw, and other dry non-densified agricultural and forestry wastes. We em . . read more