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Advanced Carbon Technologies, LLC

Larry Amick | Director of Business Development
P: 919-949-4822 | F: 919-945-2012

Provides services and products necessary for the conversion of biomass in various forms into advanced carbon products.

Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

Dan Herren | President
P: 314-650-1186

ATS is engaged in the development and licensing of technology involving the use of an oxidation catalyst in the torrefaction process. ATS's patented technology, TorreCat Catalytic Oxidation Technol . . read more

Precision Energy Services

Paul Enge | Business Development Manager
P: 208-772-4457 | F: 208-762-1113

PES provides its Fluidized Bed Combustion and Gasification systems for steam, CHP and power generation from solids, wastes, sludge and liquid fuels to companies across the world for new or retrofit . . read more