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Baghouse Duct Design dot Com

P: 303-278-9268

Mailing Address:
Golden Eagle Technologies, LLC
14280 West 50th Place
Golden, CO 80403

Company Contact:
Gregory Black
Professional Engineer

Baghouse Duct Design dot Com, applies their expertise in the; sizing, system duct design, and application of air pollution control equipment for: manufacturing, food, power, pharmaceutical, metals, mining, and minerals processing facilities. Our 30+ years of expertise are utilized for the sizing and selection of; Collection Hoods, Ductwork, Air Pollution Control Devices and appropriate fan selections to induce the proper system air the flow and pressure at your elevation. Dry Baghouse or Cartridge Collector Systems are offered, as well as Wet Scrubbers for chemical vapors. Smog-Hog Electrostatic Precipitators are applied for oil mists, kitchen exhaust and Weld Fume control.