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DYNATEK Loading Systems

P: 262-392-2162
F: 262-392-2984

Mailing Address:
200 North Harrison Street
North Prairie, WI 53153

Company Contact:
Gary Kuehneman
Director of Marketing & Sales

DYNATEK designs and builds articulating and shuttle-type rail car, hopper truck and container loading systems based on belt, drag, screw and air slide conveying technologies. DYNATEK Loaders are being used nationwide by companies like DuPont, Dow, BASF, Reed Minerals, NUCOR Steel, US Gypsum and Cargill to load a wide range of dry bulk solids including DDGS, calcium carbonate, fly ash, frac sand, lime, gypsum, refractory powder and fertilizer. 330 degrees of rotation and reach radii up to 35 feet insures safe, precise, evenly distributed loading at conveying rates as high as 35,000 cubic feet per hour.