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RR Renewable Energy

RRREC represents a Waste to Energy/Energy from Waste company that gasifies waste including MSW, industrial, agricultural, medical, plastics and tires. 18 hour batch proces, gets rid of 95% of waste, the 5% leftover of cans, bottles and metals ca be recycled. The benign ash can be used at road repair or cement manufacturing. Project size5 - 500 tpd, scalable for larger projects. Gas generated is made into electricity or thermal energy. Less expensive and shorter time period to deliver project. 100 tpd MSW project will produce 18 million kWh annually. 100 tpd used tire project will produce 56 million kWh. Electricity can be produced at 3 cents per kWh. Beats all EPA Clean Air regulations. Perfect solution to go green!

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George St. Onge | Managing Director |
P: 732-768-7007