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HM3 Energy, Inc.

HM3 Energy licenses its proven technology to produce bio-coal. Its cost effective and energy efficient torrefaction and densification technologies produce bio-coal for the export market that is cheaper than white wood pellets at the coal burner tip. HM3’s energy dense briquettes, produced from forest waste, can be used in both coal-fired and biomass-firedelectric generation plants.

HM3 tested its technology in a demo plant on western juniper and Ponderosa pine forest residues, as well as Douglas fir sawmill residues. Briquettes produced performed well in test burns at Western Research Institute. Energy content is 22.5 GJ/Metric Ton; 10,261 Btu/lb; Hardgrove grindability index comparable to Powder River Basin coal.

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Mary McSwain | Marketing Director |
P: 503-674-3380