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Sterling Deaerator Company

Sterling Deaerator offers spray-tray, small scrubber type, vacuum, and package deaerators. Sterling has vast experience in all applications, serving Power Generation, Petro-Chemical, Cogeneration, Pulp and Paper, Light Industrial, and other industries. Sterling has a design staff with over a century of experience to offer customers the most economical solution for each application. Through the aid of custom-designed software, Sterling responds quickly to customer needs with our proven technology. We are a member of the HEI and continue to develop deaerator design standards. Sterling is active in the ASME and plays a crucial role in the rewriting of the most widely accepted code for deaerator performance testing. Also a member of the ABMA.

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Robert Young | Quality Assurance |
P: 770-205-1969 | F: 770-205-2882