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Buettner Energy & Drying Systems NA

Buettner offers, designs and supplies dryer and energy systems from a single source. As energy source Buettner offers two concepts, a multi-fuel suspension burner system, for fuels such as wood dust, natural and syn gas, as well as a step-grate furnace, for fuels like hog fuel, bark, wood trimmings. For the dryers Buettner offers the full range of dryer technologies to the biomass industry ranging from belt dryers to direct heated drum dryers and indirect dryers. A fully integrated energy – dryer system concept, as offered by Buettner, allows for ease of operation and better drying quality, and last, but not least, improved system emissions.

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Dryer - Rotary Drum
Dirk Koltze | President |
P: 704-910-0153