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Blackhawk Technology Company

Blackhawk’s zero-emission positive-displacement piston pumps are ideally suited for condensate sump pumping in gas-line recovery systems activated by vacuum or low line pressure.1.Solar, AC or pneumatic drivers mounted at or above grade -- easier and safer for workers -- no power or compressed air in sump2.Pumps to bottom of sump – does not require liquid head3.Runs dry without harm4.Does not vent gases into atmosphere or sump5.Low maintenance6.Lightweight, portable, interchangeable drivers7.Pumps any fluid – any chemical composition or viscosity8.Flows to 3,800 gpd solar, 4,300 gpd AC electric9.Accepts controls & diagnostics10.Long-term durability; proven in landfills and vacuum remediation projects

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Mark Bertane | Principal |
P: 630-469-4916 | F: 630-469-4896