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Advanced Cyclone Systems

Paulo Ventura | Marketing Manager
P: 351226003268

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.(ACS)is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems, worldwide. The company works in a very close coope . . read more

AFS Energy Systems

Jay Clark | Vice President
P: 717-763-0286 | F: 717-763-1066

AFS Energy Systems is a leader in renewable energy systems. AFS provides turnkey design/build energy solutions for businesses across North America. AFS products include biomass energy systems, dire . . read more

Air Burners, Inc.

Michael Schmitt | Sales Manager
P: 772-220-7303

Air Burners, Inc. (until autumn of 2011, Air Burners, LLC) is the Number One manufacturer of Air Curtain Burner Systems in the world. We hold the patents on air curtain burners, and for the last co . . read more

Airdusco Engineering & Design Services, LLC

Adam Lancaster | President
P: 901-362-6610

Combustible Dust Consulting, Dust Hazards Analysis (DHAs), Dust Collection and Explosion Protection System Design, Dust Collection System Audits, 3D Scanning, Baghouse Inspections.

Albarrie Environmental Services

Colin Ramal | Sales Manager
P: 705-737-3906 | F: 705-737-9652

Albarrie Environmental Services(AES) is your source for filtration products and maintenance expertise. We manufacture a full range of particulate filter bags for all dust collector systems; and fab . . read more

Combustion Controls Solutions

Michael Wozniakowski | Thermal Oxidizer/Combustion Specialist
P: 419-841-9984 | F: 419-841-9535

With decades of design, installation, and maintenance experience the Combustion Controls Solutions team has successfully executed thousands of turnkey combustion and VOC projects. Whether you need . . read more

Fuel Tech, Inc.

Kevin Dougherty | Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
P: 630-688-6898

Fuel Tech emissions control technologies include low NOX burners and OFA systems, ESP rebuilds, NOXOUT® SNCR systems, SCR systems, ULTRA® ammonia generation process, and TIFI® Targeted . . read more


James Nester | President
P: 484-948-3921

NESTEC origin started with servicing all makes of RTO/RCOs. Building on the experiences gained from hundreds of inspections, detailed studies, service, and rebuilds, NESTEC has engineered a multitu . . read more

3L&T, Inc.

Linas Mazeika | President
P: 650-625-0177 | F: 650-625-0105

We developed several corrosion protection coatings for pollution control equipments like electrostatic precipitators and baghouse filters.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Kevin Summ | Director of Marketing
P: 414-365-6400 | F: 414-365-6410

Anguil Environmental provides highly-engineered, environmental equipment and service solutions that help clients solve complex industrial air and water challenges across the globe. For over 40 year . . read more

Applied Catalysts

Martin Morrill | Vice President
P: 678-332-1399

Applied Catalysts manufactures catalysts for the abatement of VOC's, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide, including all types of catalysts for Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer Systems (RCO's).

CECO Adwest Technologies

Brian Cannon | Vice President of Sales & Marketing
P: 716-474-9462

CECO Adwest has provided over 1200 RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, DFTOs and VOC Concentrators for cost effective VOC Abatement. We can provide up to 99%+ VOC DRE and minimize Oxidizer energy r . . read more

Epcon Industrial Systems

Tasha Jamaluddin |
P: 936-273-3300

Epcon Industrial Systems specializes in custom designing and custom manufacturing of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers, Direct Fired Oxidizers, Industrial Furnaces, Ind . . read more

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems

Corina Sheridan | Director of Business Development
P: 832-476-9024

GCES specializes in providing results for environmental initiatives such as air pollution control solutions, clean energy development, gas purification, and industrial and plant services focused on . . read more

Ibertec S.A.

Juan Pala | Sales Engineer
P: 346878981200

Representing leader Companies involved in Airporlution, FlueGas Cleaning, Material reception and Conveying, Ash reomval systems, Equipment Explosion prevention and Explosion control

Industrial Accessories Company

John Brown | Director of Business Development
P: 913-384-5511 | F: 913-384-6577

Founded in 1987, IAC is a fully integrated EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contractor serving numerous industries including biomass, cement, steel, frac sand, food, battery, chemical, . . read more

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor

Jon Carender | Business Development
P: 734-649-6711

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor) provides free equipment sourcing tools, engineering resources, and expert advice to help plant managers, engineers, and buyers determine the rig . . read more


Jason Kessler | President
P: 803-802-1718

KESCO is a solution-focused, American company that provides the expertise necessary to design, build, and commission biomass processing systems. Our tailored solutions are designed to satisfy your . . read more

Kono Kogs, Inc.

Chuck Konowalski | Vice President of Operations
P: 920-434-4872

What Do We Do? For 25 years Kono Kogs has been providing solutions for small to multi-national companies- helping them meet their clean air compliance goals economically. We offer refurbished regen . . read more

Oxidizers, Inc.

Tony King | Account Representative
P: 951-751-7638

Oxidizers, Inc. has an expert team that is fully prepared to handle all of your oxidizer needs for new, used, and replacement Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's) and Thermal Oxidizers (TO's). We . . read more

Redecam USA, LLC

Salvatore Gallo | Vice President
P: 704-969-8811

Air Pollution Control and Flue Gas Treatment Engineering & Supply

Over the past 40 years, Redecam has become increasingly active in the Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Power industries,. . . read more


Daniel Locke | Director of Business Development of Industrial Min
P: 260-226-1035

Scheuch offers energy-efficient solutions for particulate control during the process of burning wood fuel in its natural state and modified forms. These include: Mechanical pulverization (e.g. wood . . read more

TKS Industrial Company

Jonathan Carender | Sales Manager
P: 248-786-5000 | F: 248-786-5001

TKS Industrial Company is a specialized design-build engineering firm with offices in Detroit, MI. FOr more information please see:

Triple Green Products

Jillian Klassen | Administrator
P: 204-746-6333

We provide the best in class clean energy solutions with over 25 years of proven reliability. Boilers 1- 33MBTU , Dust Collectors, Cyclonic/ Bag Filters, Walking Floors, Container Fuel Feed, Steam Tu . . read more