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Advanced Cyclone Systems S.A.

Paulo Ventura | Marketing & Sales Manager
P: 351226003268

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A. (ACS) is a company exclusively dedicated to the development and commercialization of high efficiency cyclone systems, worldwide.The company works in a very close coop . . read more

Bionomic Industries

Linda Babcock | Marketing Coordinator
P: 201-529-1094 | F: 201-529-0252

Bionomic Industries has the proven expertise with thousands of installations worldwide in providing the best engineered air pollution systems and proprietary MACT technologies to satisfy a complete . . read more

D.R. Technology, Inc.

Richard Schwartz | President
P: 732-780-4664

Manufacturer of Wet Scrubbers for dust, fume ,acid gas and odor control. The equipment is also used for waste heat and product recovery.

Durr Systems, Inc.

Sales | Clean Technology Systems
P: 111-111-1111

Dürr MEGTEC is a global supplier of turnkey clean air solutions proven to meet stringent emissions regulations, improve process performance and protect thermal downstream equipment. Dürr . . read more

Fuel Tech, Inc.

Kevin Dougherty | Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
P: 630-845-4472

Multipollutant, APC technologies include low NOX combustion systems, ESP upgrades, NOXOUT® and HERT™ SNCR systems, Advanced SCR systems, ULTRA® ammonia generation process, and TIFI&re . . read more

Imeco Overseas Private Limited

Suva Datta | Vice President of BUH (Air Pollution Control)
P: 9007704839

- Electrostatic Precipitator- Scrubber- Bag Filter- Cyclone/Multi-cyclone- Upgrade/Retrofit of Existing Systems to meet Pollution norms--

IMECO is able to design, build, and install most re . . read more

LDX Solutions

Darlene Huggins | Vice President of Business Development
P: 770-429-5575 | F: 770-429-5556

LDX Solutions is a global supplier of air pollution control (APC) solutions. Our experienced staff engineers emissions control systems, under the Dustex® and Geoenergy® brands, that control . . read more

3L&T, Inc.

Linas Mazeika | President
P: 650-625-0177 | F: 650-625-0105

We developed several corrosion protection coatings for pollution control equipments like electrostatic precipitators and baghouse filters.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Kevin Summ | Director of Marketing
P: 414-365-6400 | F: 414-365-6410

Anguil Environmental provides highly-engineered, environmental equipment and service solutions that help clients solve complex industrial air and water challenges across the globe. For over 40 year . . read more

Applied Catalysts

Martin Morrill | Vice President
P: 678-332-1399

Applied Catalysts manufactures catalysts for Air Pollution control including catalysts for the oxidation of Carbon Monoxide and destruction of VOC's.

Babcock Power Environmental

Jennifer Pasquariello | Director of Marketing & Communications
P: 864-949-2917

Baghouse Duct Design dot Com

Gregory Black | Professional Engineer
P: 303-278-9268

Air Pollution Control system design and advisement, including: capture-hood design, air flow selections, duct system layout and fan selection for dust; fume and vapor control. We assist with new pr . . read more


Rick Felde | Marketing
P: 309-693-8600 | F: 309-693-8605

Dust & odor control

CECO Environmental, CECO Adwest

Brian Cannon | Vice President
P: 714-632-9801 | F: 714-632-9812

Company Description: CECO Environmental, CECO Adwest has supplied over 1200 RETOX RTO Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers for cost effective VOC abatement since 1988. We have extensive Biofuels, ethano . . read more

envea Altech Environment U.S.A.

Malek Hattar | General Manager
P: 630-262-4400 | F: 630-262-6220

envea Altech Environment U.S.A. is a world-wide instrument manufacturer and systems integrator providing Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and process monitoring systems featuring prop . . read more

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems

Corina Sheridan | Director of Business Development
P: 832-476-9024

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems is an environmental abatement solutions provider offering unique waste to energy options. Gulf Coast Environmental Systems provides Industrial Air Pollution Control . . read more


Robert Mroz | Founder/CEO
P: 410-262-5113

High value algal biomass produced through the process of mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from industrial processes. The special strain of algae consumes the CO2, NOx, SOx and VOCs in exhaust . . read more

Industrial Accessories Company

John Brown | Director of Business Development
P: 913-384-5511 | F: 913-384-6577

Industrial Accessories Company is a successful industrial EPC Contractor. Beside IAC’s status as one of the premier EPC Industrial Contractors, IAC has a full complement of In-House Mechanica . . read more

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor

Jon Carender | Business Development Manager
P: 734-649-6710

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor) provides free equipment sourcing tools, engineering resources, and expert advice to help plant managers, engineers, and buyers determine the right . . read more

Kono Kogs

Chuck Konowalski | Manager
P: 920-432-2699

Kono Kogs is the supplier of quality used thermal, catalytic, and regenerative thermal oxidizers. We rebuild systems in our facility and on-site at our customer’s location. Our facility house . . read more

Marsulex Environmental Technologies

Rachel Peri | Marketing Associate
P: 908-238-5104

MET - Marsulex Environmental Technologies provides traditional and advanced air quality control systems, services and solutions that cost effectively minimize pollutants, including SO2, particulate . . read more

Micro Air

Wendy Layton | Marketing/Sales Manager
P: 866-566-4276 | F: 316-219-2995

Since 1969, Micro Air® has provided top quality dust collection equipment, industrial air cleaners, accessories, and filters, for the commercial and industrial manufacturing sectors. Micro Air& . . read more


James Nester | President
P: 484-948-3921

NESTEC origin started with servicing all makes of RTO/RCOs. Building on the experiences gained from hundreds of inspections, detailed studies, service, and rebuilds, NESTEC has engineered a multitu . . read more


Rodney Pennington | Vice President of Key Accounts
P: 610-323-7670 | F: 610-323-7672

NESTEC is an OEM provider of thermal oxidation systems and air emission control solutions. We provide proven SMART SOLUTIONS at an affordable cost.

Oxidizers, Inc.

Michelle Castellucio | Account Representative
P: 951-707-8328 | F: 951-271-3991

Oxidizers, Inc. has an expert team that is fully prepared to handle all of your oxidizer needs for new, used, and replacement Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's) and Thermal Oxidizers (TO's). We . . read more

Parker Hannifin | BHA

Lori Ragsdale | Marketing
P: 800-821-2222

Optimize the performance and profitability of your plant, manufacturing operation, or product through the expertise of Parker Hannifin. We design, test and manufacture industrial air filters engine . . read more

Redecam USA, LLC

Salvatore Gallo | Vice President
P: 704-969-8811

Air Pollution ControlEngineering and Equipment Supply of Dust Collectors, Baghouses, Heat Exchangers, Flue Gas Treatment, Dry Sorbent Injection and Dry Scrubbers for SOx reduction, SNCR and SCR sys . . read more

RJM International

Lawrence Berg | Vice President
P: 918-770-6840

RJM International is an award-winning provider of emissions reduction and combustion optimisation products and services focused on the process and power generation sectors. It has expertise across . . read more


Perry Helmer | Sales Manager
P: 877-804-5520

Scheuch offers energy-efficient solutions for particulate control during the process of burning wood fuel in its natural state and modified forms. These include:•Mechanical pulverization (e.g. . . read more

TKS Industrial Company

Jonathan Carender | Marketing Manager
P: 248-786-5086

TKS Industrial supplies thermal oxidizers (TOx), regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs), carbon concentrators, and related equipment to the Biomass, Ethanol, Oil & Gas, BioFuels, and other relat . . read more