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Biomass Energy Lab

Tammy Hippchen | Marketing Manager
P: 770-785-4785

Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) provides ISO 17025 compliant third party analytical testing services for the domestic and international solid biofuels markets. BEL can provide a Certificate of Analysis ne . . read more

Keystone Materials Testing, Inc.

Jerry Dawson | General Manager
P: 800-858-5227 | F: 641-792-7989

Keystone Materials Testing, Inc. (KMT) is an analytical laboratory which specializes in the determination of chemical and physical properties of various forms of biomass to evaluate their suitabili . . read more

Standard Laboratories, Inc.

Todd Stallard | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 304-720-6717

Fuel Analysis

Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

Tammy Hippchen | Marketing Manager
P: 770-785-4785

Timber Products Inspection (TP) provides third party analytical testing and inspection services for the biomass and pelletized fuel industry. ISO 17025 Accredited for both ASTM and CEN/EN methods, . . read more

Alfred H. Knight North America

John McIndoe | Operations Manager
P: 225-644-9245

Industry Leaders in Supervision, Sampling & Analytical Services to the Biomass Industry. Full accreditation to BS EN ISO 17020 and BS EN ISO 17025

Celignis Biomass Lab

Daniel Hayes |
P: 0035361371725

We are dedicated to the development of innovations for our clients related to the use and valorisation of biomass and wastes. This is enabled through our state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, a . . read more

Digester Doc

Will Charlton | President
P: 208-278-2651

Digester Doc is a laboratory and consulting services provider, specializing in providing the most methane capture for your Anaerobic Digester needs, through Chemistry, Biology and technology.We wor . . read more

Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory

Rhonda Jones | Manager
P: 515-574-1259

Our mission is to provide affordable and timely testing of motor vehicle fuels and home heating oils. We excel in providing personal, low cost services and can provide 72 hour turnaround in most ca . . read more

Twin Ports Testing

Katy Jahr | Chemistry Laboratory Manager
P: 715-392-7114

Twin Ports Testing, Inc. (TPT) is ISO 17025:2017 certified for ASTM, EN, and ISO methods for the analysis of biomass and coal. We provide laboratory analysis for a variety of fuels including standa . . read more