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Alfred H. Knight Energy Services

John McIndoe | General Manager of Energy Services
P: 225-644-9245

Full service inspection, sampling and analytical provider to the solid fuels/solid biofuels industry. Service include

Vessel Draft SurveyVessel inspection/loading supervisionSampling to ISO . . read more

Biomass Energy Lab

Tammy Hippchen | Marketing Manager
P: 770-922-8000

Biomass Energy Lab (BEL) provides ISO 17025 compliant third party analytical testing services for the domestic and international solid biofuels market. BEL can provide a Certificate of Analysis nec . . read more

Keystone Materials Testing, Inc.

Jerry Dawson | General Manager
P: 800-858-5227 | F: 641-792-7989

Keystone Materials Testing, Inc. (KMT) is an analytical laboratory which specializes in the determination of chemical and physical properties of various forms of biomass to evaluate their suitabili . . read more

Standard Laboratories, Inc.

Todd Stallard | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 304-720-6717

Product Verification and other Laboratory and Quality Control Services

Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

Tammy Hippchen | Marketing Manager
P: 770-922-8000

Timber Products Inspection, Inc. (TP) provides third party analytical testing and inspection services for the biomass and pelletized fuel industry. ISO 17025 Accredited for both ASTM and CEN/EN met . . read more

Beta Analytic, Inc.

Sonia Oberoi | Customer Care
P: 305-662-7760

Carrier Process Equipment Group, Inc. (CPEG)

Chuck Mitchell | Vice President of Sales
P: 502-969-3171

The CPEG family of brands includes Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing, S. Howes, and Sly.

CPEG provides the following, all under one roof:• Comprehensive li . . read more

Celignis Biomass Lab

Daniel Hayes | CEO
P: 0035361371725

We are dedicated to the development of innovations for our clients related to the use and valorisation of biomass and wastes. This is enabled through our state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, a . . read more

Digester Doc

Will Charlton | President
P: 208-278-2651

Digester Doc is a laboratory and consulting services provider, specializing in providing the most methane capture for your Anaerobic Digester needs, through Chemistry, Biology and technology.We wor . . read more

Intertek Caleb Brett

Kerry Walter | Marketing Manager for USA Region
P: 713-730-3848

For over 130 years, Intertek Caleb Brett provides expert qualitative and quantitative analytical assessment services to the oil & gas, chemical and other commodities markets. With a global netw . . read more


P: 321-223-7500

Providing field and fixed laboratory and portable products, safety equipment for clinical, labs, pharmaceutical sciences, air and water quality researchers,

Stonehouse Process Safety, Inc.

Vahid Ebadat | CEO
P: 609-455-0001

Stonehouse Process Safety are experts in preventing explosions, fires and accidental material releases; protecting people, plant, the community – and your business. Our experts identify hazar . . read more

Valkyrie Analytics, Inc.

Will Charlton | CEO
P: 208-908-0055