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Vaughan Company, Inc.

Vaughan Support |
P: 888-249-2467 | F: 360-249-6155

Established in 1960, Vaughan Company is the industry leader in reliable chopper pumps and mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. With more than 60 years of experience, Vaughan Company remains committ . . read more


Vital Strumza | President
P: 551-482-7568

Manufacturer of Evaporators, Crystallizers, Distillation Columns, Spray Dryers, Desalination.

Eurus Blower, Inc.

Roger Blanton | Director of North American Sales & Marketing
P: 918-361-0285 | F: 918-380-3495

Manufacturer of positive displacement blowers, both cast iron and stainless steel and centrifugal blowers for biogas purification

Fluid Technology Solutions (FTS H2O), Inc.

John Tracy | Vice President of Sales & Marketing
P: 541-791-9182

FTS H2O is a membrane technology company providing solutions which dewater digestate streams and improve nutrient value. Our proven processes are organic certified and yield streams which are irrigati . . read more

Fuel Tech, Inc.

Kevin Dougherty | Vice President of Business Development & Marketing
P: 630-688-6898

Fuel Tech emissions control technologies include low NOX burners and OFA systems, ESP rebuilds, NOXOUT® SNCR systems, SCR systems, ULTRA® ammonia generation process, and TIFI® Targeted . . read more

INTEC Engineering GmbH

Christian Daniel | Head of Sales & Marketing
P: 49072519324312 | F: 49072519324399

NTEC Energy Systems supplies waste material / rubbish incineration plants, sewage sludge fluidized bed incineration plants, rotary tube ground cleaning plants plus combined heat and power plants (C . . read more

Komline-Sanderson Corporation

Jess Ornum | Applications Specialist
P: 800-225-5457

Komline-Sanderson offers the high-efficiency, indirectly heated K-S Paddle Dryer, which can be heated with steam or circulated thermal fluid. K-S has experience in drying biosolids, sludge, and woo . . read more

Pick Heaters, Inc.

Sales Department |
P: 262-338-1191

Pick Starch Jet Cookers provide instantaneous and complete cooking of cornstarch mash during the liquefaction process of ethanol production. The open design of the heater allows slurry flow without . . read more

Press Technology & Mfg., Inc.

Daniel Berner | President
P: 937-327-0755 | F: 937-327-0756

Press Technology & Mfg., Inc. (PT&M) is a manufacturer of screw presses and other liquid/solids separation equipment for dewatering wastewater slurries. Our equipment is the most efficient in the indu . . read more

Schwing Bioset, Inc.

Chuck Wanstrom | Director of New Business Development
P: 715-247-3433

Schwing Bioset, Inc. is your complete solids handling provider, helping water and wastewater treatment plants, mines, and industrial customers by engineering and manufacturing material handling sol . . read more

Swenson Technology, Inc.

Erick Neuman | International Business Manager
P: 708-587-2300

SWENSON is the global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for value-based separations. We specialize in innovative process systems for the production of valuable products . . read more