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Pellet Fuels Institute

Tim Portz | Executive Director
P: 206-209-5277

The Pellet Fuels Institute is a North American trade association promoting energy independence through the efficient use of clean, renewable, densified biomass fuel.PFI is comprised of nearly 100 m . . read more

Bioeconoma Costera

Erika Salavarria |
P: 593981704511

Education and Research

Dickinson College Farm

Matt Steiman | Energy & Livestock Projects Manager
P: 717-713-0276

The Dickinson College Farm has been conducting small-scale biogas system R&D since 2008. Currently we operate a 1000-gal pilot scale digester for cooking gas production, and are in the process . . read more

The University of Tennessee-Center for Renewable Carbon

Anton Astner | Research Associate
P: 865-978-9530

The Center for Renewable Carbon, in the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture, is an internationally recognized leader in the development of new and/or improved bioenergy sources, biore . . read more