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Airex Energy, Inc.

Yvan Guay | Vice President of Business Development
P: 514-298-4761

Airex Energy designs, manufactures and commercializes biomass torrefaction systems. The company also develops biochar and torrefied pellet production plants worldwide with local partners.

US Biochar Initiative

Tom Miles | Executive Director
P: 503-780-8185 | F: 503-292-2919

Non-profit organization promoting the cost effective use of biochar. Biochar is charcoal made from biomass for use in soil. It is used in soil and growing media to hold water, retain nutrients, bal . . read more

Advanced Carbon Technologies, LLC

Larry Amick | Managing Member
P: 919-949-4822

Advanced Carbon Technologies (ACT) provides fully integrated, economically viable, and ready-to-implement technologies - providing worldwide assistance to companies converting many types of biomass . . read more

Anyang Gemco Pellet Mill Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mancy Chen |
P: 00863725965148

GEMCO developed different kinds of pellet making equipments: briquette press, biomass pellet mill plants, feed pellet mills, and pellet making auxiliary equipment: hammer mills, wood crusher, air flow . . read more

Aries Clean Energy

Jeff Snyder | Sr. Vice President of Business Development
P: 615-471-9299

Aries Clean Energy, LLC, based in Franklin, Tennessee, develops, designs, and builds innovative proprietary downdraft and fluidized bed gasification systems and projects using its eight patents gra . . read more

ARTi (Advanced Renewable Technologies International)

Bernardo del Campo | Executive Director
P: 515-635-5164

Under the premise of sustainability, a group of students and alumni from Iowa State University formed ARTi (Advanced Renewable Technology International) Inc., aiming to achieve zero waste and zero . . read more

GECA Environnement

Suzanne Allaire | Owner
P: 581-305-3374

Expert in pyrolytic products such as biochar, wood vinegar and project development and markets

Renewable Energy Consultants, LLC

Robert Rice | Owner
P: 570-765-2020

REC,LLC offers Gasification Systems to process Manures and Rejected By-Products to produce BIOCHAR to include CHP if desired Also offer Water Purification Systems, Food Waste Processing Systems, Wa . . read more

Renewables Plus Sdn Bhd

Arman Massoumi | CEO
P: 60362033138 | F: 60362032032

Gasification Specialist company for production of Power, Ethanol, Bio Diesel, Biochar, and Wood Vinegar.

Roberts Energy Renewables, Inc.

Evan Dell 'Olio | Vice President
P: 413-628-3333 | F: 413-628-4603

Roberts Energy Renewables, Inc. (RER) is a Massachusetts- based developer of renewable bioenergy facilities in the northeastern United States. Using best in class technologies, RER is optimizing th . . read more

The Organic Mechanics Soil Co.

Mark Highland | President
P: 610-380-4598 | F: 866-928-1171

We are a wholesale manufacturer of premium, organic, peat-free potting soil, soil amendments, biochar enhanced soils, engineered soils, stormwater soils, including soils for rain gardens, bioswales . . read more