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Airex Energy, Inc.

Yvan Guay | Vice President of Business Development
P: 514-298-4761

Airex Energy designs, manufactures and commercializes biomass torrefaction systems. The company also develops biochar and torrefied pellet production plants worldwide with local partners.

EnviraPAC-Monticello, LLC

Sean McGaffin | Commercial Sales
P: 870-460-7370

A renewable carbon powder material derived from sustainable biomass feedstock utilizing a proprietary, C02 neutral, auto-thermic technology. EnviraPAC Carbon Powder Products are biomass based carbo . . read more

United States Biochar Initiative

Thomas Miles | Executive Director
P: 503-780-8185 | F: 503-292-2919

Non-profit organization promoting the cost effective use of biochar. Biochar is charcoal made from biomass for use in soil. It is used in soil and growing media to hold water, retain nutrients, bal . . read more

Advanced Carbon Technologies, LLC

Larry Amick | Director of Business Development
P: 919-949-4822

Advanced Carbon Technologies (ACT) provides fully integrated, economically viable, and ready-to-implement technologies - providing worldwide assistance to companies converting many types of biomass . . read more

ARTi (Advanced Renewable Technology International)

Bernardo del Campo | President
P: 515-635-5164

Since 2013, our work at ARTi has been dedicated to implementing innovative, sustainable and renewable solutions. We manufacture and develop top-of-the line pyrolysis reactors for the production of . . read more

Biochar Now, LLC

James Gaspard | CEO
P: 970-593-9100

Biochar Now LLC produces high-quality biochar from waste wood.


Nestor Vela | Sales & Business Development
P: 732-489-0015

CharGrow makes probiotic formulations and biochar based products that allow growers to cut costs and to build the fertility of their soil by improving physical, chemical and biological conditions.

Dover Resources, Inc.

David Sorensen | President & COO
P: 508-479-9910

Central California based biomass fuel supply, mainly wood chips and ag residues such as nut shells. Biochar supplies being developed with limited quantities available now and more to come later. Ne . . read more

GECA Environnement

Suzanne Allaire | CEO
P: 418-558-4762

Consultant expert in pyrolysis/torrefaction/gasification of residues such as biomass, used tyres and plastics and their products such as biochar, biocoal, wood vinegar, etc. Support to project deve . . read more


Bryan Eagle | CEO
P: 901-312-7700

Glanris manufactures sustainable, low-cost water filtration media made from ag waster materials, Our media can radically change the economics of producing clean water worldwide. Our media can remove o . . read more

Global Wood, LLC

Jesse Salyer | President/Owner
P: 606-205-8182

Wood chips, saw dust other wood products

Roberts Energy Renewables, Inc.

Evan Dell 'Olio | Vice President
P: 413-628-3333 | F: 413-628-4603

Roberts Energy Renewables, Inc. (RER) is a Massachusetts- based developer of renewable bioenergy facilities in the northeastern United States. Using best in class technologies, RER is optimizing th . . read more