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A-Lert Construction Services

Jordan Stewart | Sales Manager
P: 620-607-4035

A-Lert designs, fabricates, installs and services a broad range of industrial rotary dryer systems…single and triple pass rotary dehydration drums, flash tube dryers, burners and combustion . . read more

Dedert Corporation

Colin Crankshaw | Vice President
P: 708-747-7000

Dedert Corporation has successfully provided drying and evaporation technologies to Customers across the world for over 50 years. Dedert’s evaporators and dryers are known for being innovativ . . read more

Energy Unlimited, Inc.

John Lundell | Owner
P: 608-935-9119

30+ years of providing drying systems to the Biomass Industry from dryer island to turn key design build.

Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing

Doug Spisak | President
P: 412-788-9810

Heyl Patterson Thermal Processing Rotary Dryers are some of the most versatile rotary dryers and available, and are considered the workhorses of the biomass processing industry. Able to effectively ha . . read more

Player Design, Inc.

Kevin Nesbitt | National Sales Manager
P: 207-764-6811

Designer and manufacturer of rotary drum dryers and biomass energy systems. PDI can provide stand alone engineering support, as well as complete projects on an EPC basis.

Schenck Process, LLC

Laura Hanley | Marketing Manager
P: 440-543-6000

For over 130 years, Schenck Process has been a leading manufacturer of bulk solids weighing and feeding equipment. A wide range of offerings include, coal feeding systems, weigh-feeders, alternativ . . read more

Sutton International

Shawn Sutton | Principal
P: 844-351-5100

Sutton International engineers and manufactures several unique types of rotary kiln and dryer seals. Our designs are customized to your equipment to fit into the tightest of spaces, or survive the . . read more

Thompson Dryers

Ted Thompson | CEO
P: 785-272-7722

You need to get the most value from your product possible. If you can't dry it, you can't sell it. We have 75 years experience in designing and building the best equipment. Whether you are looking . . read more

Uzelac Industries, Inc.

Mike Terry | Sales Director
P: 414-529-0240

Uzelac Industries, Inc. products are custom designed drying systems serving a wide range of industries, providing factory-assembled dryers that require either minimal installation or onsite assembl . . read more

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.,

Huaqiang Yi |
P: 8637163290355

We are leading fertilizer machine manufacturers,we produce compost turner machine,fertilizer granulator machine for NPK fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line.