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California Employment Training Panel

Robert Meyer | Director of Economic Development
P: 916-327-4391

The Employment Training Panel provides pay-for-performance contracts to support the cost of workforce training for California-based employers. Employers create a training plan based on their needs, . . read more

CanmetENERGY-Ottawa (BioEnergy Systems Group)

Guy Tourigny | Research Engineer
P: 613-995-2699

CanmetENERGY in Ottawa engages in research and development in the areas of energy efficiency, clean fossil fuels, and renewable and alternative energy sources. Our goal is to ensure that Canada is at . . read more

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

Tim Hughes | Senior Trade Advisor
P: 502-782-9265

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is available to assist Kentucky companies and producers export their agricultural commodities, products and services around the world.Along with our partners, . . read more