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Starch Performance Services

Robert Howard | Technical Consultant
P: 360-901-8059

We provide expert consulting services and starch products for pellet binding, dust reduction, and pellet strength and densification.

AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

David Ramjohn | CEO
P: 979-208-9933 | F: 512-605-3779

AlgEternal grows microalgae in its patented technology and produces the ElixEarth Soil Amendment line and the AlgAllure Skin Care Collection. Our technology allows us to grow microalgae faster, cle . . read more


Alan Doering | Coproduct Sr. Scientist
P: 218-281-7600

AURI offers unique resources designed to help develop new uses and value additions to agricultural products and coproducts with a unique focus on biomass and renewable energy . AURI's labs and staff p . . read more

Henan Richi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ken Du |
P: 8637163752859

Henan Richi Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. After more than 20 years of development and growth, RICHI has grown into a modern enterprises engaged in independent research and development, p . . read more

IBiocat, Inc.

Charles Abbas | Founder & CTO
P: 217-412-8096

IBiocat, Inc. focuses on the development, validation, and licensing of advanced biorefinery solutions for the production of biofuels, feed, food, beverage alcohol, pre and pro biotics, enzymes, and . . read more

Quasar ScienceTech

Zoltan Kish | Founder
P: 319-348-1522

Quasar ScienceTech is a technology-based company developing advanced technologies and providing multidisciplinary science and technology consulting in the areas of Clean Energy & Technologies, . . read more

US Oil & Gas Technology Group

Dannis Jen | President
P: 713-261-5241 | F: 877-795-9098

We are research, development, engineering solution(Troubleshooting ), production and finance company. We specialize on Natural gas and Syngas treating(dehydration and sour gas removal), NGL, LPG, m . . read more


Tom Kelleher | CEO
P: 805-603-9736

XYLOME creates new products that significantly increase industrial profits from large facilities, using existing by-product streams as feedstocks for revolutionary new yeast fermentations.One produ . . read more