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Advanced Biodiesel Cluster

Georgina Sandoval | Principal Investigator
P: 523333455200

Biodiesel Industry faces many challenges to develop efficient and cost-effective processes using alternative raw materials. To meet such challenges, the Advanced Biodiesel Cluster of the Mexican Innov . . read more

BioCentury Research Farm-Iowa State University

Andy Suby | Manager
P: 515-296-6039

The Iowa State University BioCentury Research Farm is the first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility dedicated to biomass production and processing. From research and develo . . read more

Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota

June Breneman | Manager of External Affairs
P: 218-788-2600

The Natural Resources Research Institute is the front door to the University of Minnesota system for biomass research, outreach, and education. NRRI has unique, specialized equipment and expertise . . read more

Penn State Center for Biorenewables

Charles Anderson | Director
P: 814-863-4736

The Penn State Center for Biorenewables facilitates cross-disciplinary research and outreach in bioenergy and biorenewables.

Research Group "Bioeconomy Coastal," University of Peninsula de Santa Elena

Erika A. Salavarria Palma | Research
P: 00593981704511

Education & Research in biotechnology for the identification of genes and development of bioprocesses

University of Nebraska-Industrial Agricultural Products Center

Loren Isom | Assistant Director
P: 402-472-1634

Our goal is to develop bio-based products and processing techniques that enhance the agricultural economy. The Center focuses on post-harvest processing to produce renewable chemicals, polymers and . . read more