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AgriPower, Inc.

Barry Berman | CEO
P: 516-829-2000 | F: 516-487-3163

Manufacturer of Waste-to-Energy "Heat Only" and "Combined Heat and Power" ("CHP")" Systems that can use a wide variety of waste materials as fuel including Municipal Solid Waste ("MSW") as well as . . read more

Brunette Machinery Company, Inc.

Cathy Johnston | Marketing & Media Coordinator
P: 604-522-3977

Specializing in wood-processing and material handling systems for over 75 years, Brunette Machinery Co. provides custom engineered solutions designed to your specifications.We manufacture heavy dut . . read more

CBI-A Terex Brand

Joe Gallagher | Marketing Manager
P: 603-302-0556 | F: 603-302-0557

Since 1988, CBI machines have been purpose-built to outproduce, outperform, and outlast anything in the market. Diverging from the pack of sorely inadequate wood grinders, CBI completely reimagined . . read more

Colonial Saw Company

Mary Polleys | Marketing Coordinator
P: 781-585-4364

Colonial Saw offers the broadest selection of the world's most advanced machinery for manufacturing and sharpening cutting tools, shapers, router bits, end mills, spiral cutters, drill bits, saws and . . read more

Rawlings Waste Wood Recovery Systems

John Rawlings |
P: 406-728-6182

With over 40 years of experience in the forest and sawmill related industries, Rawlings delivers wood grinding equipment with a reputation for durability, performance and reliability. Since 1976 Ra . . read more

Rotochopper, Inc.

Nicole Klein | Marketing Manager
P: 320-548-3586

Rotochopper specializes in grinding equipment that transforms waste materials into profitable opportunities like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, biomass fuels, and compost effectively and . . read more

TerraSource Global

Bryan Bird | Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing
P: 855-483-7721

TerraSource Global’s engineering expertise, market leading equipment brands (Jeffrey Rader, Pennsylvania Crushers and Gundlach Crushers) and unyielding commitment to service enable us to be t . . read more

Vecoplan Midwest, LLC

Bill Miller | Chief Operating Officer
P: 812-923-4992

Vecoplan is a leading supplier of size reduction equipment for the wood/biomass. We supply shredders, pellet mills, and turnkey systems.

Vecoplan, LLC

Yuri Chocholko | Sales Manager of Wood, Biomass & BioFuels
P: 336-861-6070

Vecoplan manufactures grinders & chippers, as well as turnkey systems to prep biomass for alternative fuel. Our systems are used to produce boiler fuel & co-firing fuels, for size reduction . . read more

Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc.

Randy Baerg | President
P: 559-591-6790 | F: 559-591-5728

Manufacturer of machinery and complete systems for Biomass, Cellulosic Ethanol and Alternative fuel applications. Bale Conveyor, D-Stringing, and grin . . read more