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Advanced Torrefaction Systems, LLC

Dan Herren | President
P: 314-650-1186

ATS has patented technology that incorporates an oxidation catalyst in the torrefaction process. An oxidation catalyst drastically reduces the concentration level of VOCs in the reactor and all oth . . read more

Agri-Tech Producers, LLC (ATP)

Joseph J. James | President
P: 803-413-6801

ATP's patented, auto-thermal and mobile torrefaction reactor is also one of the world's most cost-effective and energy-efficient. And, it complements ATP's new and patented CRBBP Process CO 2 captu . . read more

Permanente Corporation

Marc Seidner | President
P: 310-203-5401 | F: 310-203-5421

Production of Bio-coal, Bio-char, Bio-oils, and GRC88™ patented biodiesel.

Wyssmont Company, Inc.

Joseph Bevacqua | President
P: 201-947-4600 | F: 201-947-0324

Wyssmont provides Pyrolysis and Torrefaction systems