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C&D Recycling Inc.

Stephen Schweitzer | President
P: 513-271-8540

Drakes Branch Manufacturing

John Evans | Sales
P: 803-727-6140

Sawmill producing pine and hardwood Chips Sawdust Bark Shavings

NewLife Forest Products LLC

Adam Cooley | Vice President of Corporate Development
P: 480-649-4127

Biomass Products available include: Whole Tree Chips, & Slash from Forest Operations, and Bark, Saw Dust, Wood Chips, and Planer Shavings from Sawmill & Engineered Wood Products Operations. . . read more

Pacific Biomass Export Company

Ted Silberstein | CEO
P: 530-945-4092

Pacific Biomass Export Company™, a Biomass Feedstock Management and Support Services company, was created by biomass producers for the purpose of providing biomass to international and new do . . read more

Performance Corp.

James Brill | President
P: 920-833-7839 | F: 920-833-7255

Performance Corp. is a wood products manufacturer processing from logs to lumber to full wood packaging recycling. Offering complete cradle to grave wood recycling.

Q-Team Tree Service

Robert Fogg | President
P: 207-693-3831

Residential, commercial, municipal and utility tree services.