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INTEC Heating Solutions Pvt., Ltd.

P: 912232269050
F: 912242156094

Mailing Address:
The Empire Business Centre, Empire Industries, Ltd.
414 Senapati Bapat Marg.
Lower Parel Mumbai

Company Contact:
Mr. Bharat

INTEC Energy Systems supplies waste material / rubbish incineration plants, sewage sludge fluidized bed incineration plants, rotary tube ground cleaning plants plus combined heat and power plants (CHP) for customers worldwide.

INTEC possesses the experience & the technologies for the innovative thermal treatment, disposal and economic use of biogenic, contaminated sludges and residues.The innovative disposal and utilisation concept is based on a combination of the contact drying technology with INTEC solid fuel firing plants and process heat generation plants.The contact dryer is a leading technology for drying, hygienising & increasing the calorific value of sewage sludges thus complementing the INTEC solid fuel firing methods.