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RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC

P: 484-556-2253

Mailing Address:
905 Muirfield Road
Keller, TX 76248

Company Contact:
Richard Harris

RDF Recycling Systems Group, LLC. is the exclusive North American AGENT for FLEXUS Balasystem. We provide solutions for Disaster Cleanup, Remediation, old tires, MSW Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Landfills, transfer stations, biosolids, and Biomass. We can bale and wrap difficult materials storage and transport by truck, sea or rail. The costs of transportation, handling and storage of wood chips, forestry slashings and saw dust can be minimized with proper compression and wrapping techniques. Our system provides a dense wrapped and totally airtight and watertight bale providing easier handling, storing and lower transport cost. All contaminates and bacteria are contained in densely packed bales in an oxygen starved environment.