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Fuel Tech, Inc.

P: 630-688-6898

Mailing Address:
27601 Bella Vista Parkway
Warrenville, IL 60555

Company Contact:
Kevin Dougherty
Vice President of Business Development & Marketing

Fuel Tech emissions control technologies include low NOX burners and OFA systems, ESP rebuilds, NOXOUT® SNCR systems, SCR systems, ULTRA® ammonia generation process, and TIFI® Targeted in Furnace Injection™ programs to improve boiler efficiency while reducing slagging, corrosion, SO3, and GHG emissions.

Water treatment technologies include DGI™ Dissolved Gas Infusion Systems using oxygen for aeration and CO2 for pH control. DGI targets utility and industrial water treatment to reduce BOD, COD, TSS and metals using nanobubble technology to optimize performance and minimize operating costs vs. standard aeration systems.