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Schwing Bioset, Inc.

P: 715-247-3433

Mailing Address:
350 SMC Drive
Somerset, WI 54025

Company Contact:
Chuck Wanstrom
Director of New Business Development

Schwing Bioset, Inc. is your complete solids handling provider, helping water and wastewater treatment plants, mines, and industrial customers by engineering and manufacturing material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset offers the widest range of high-performance dewatering screw presses, treatment for Class A Biosolids, nutrient recovery and struvite harvesting, MBR’s, sliding frame silos, fluid bed dryers, and piston pumps, among other products. Pilot units are available to test your products to ensure proper machine selection. Schwing Bioset’s custom-engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of facilities in North America, where the company also offers aftermarket support, spare parts, and equipment maintenance services.