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CECO Adwest Technologies

P: 716-474-9462

Mailing Address:
690 Langsdorf Drive, Suite 102
Fullerton, CA 92831

Company Contact:
Brian Cannon
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

CECO Adwest has provided over 1200 RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, DFTOs and VOC Concentrators for cost effective VOC Abatement. We can provide up to 99%+ VOC DRE and minimize Oxidizer energy recovery with up to 97% Primary heat recovery. CECO sells and installs our VOC Control systems worldwide for Biomass, ethanol, biogas, wood products, chemical, recycling and petrochemical applications. RTO Oxidizer prefilters can be provided with CECO Cyclones and dust collectors and post RTO acid gas treatment can be done with CECO Scrubber systems for single source responsibility.