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FD Real Asset Advisors

P: 404-573-4264

Mailing Address:
1230 Peachtree Street, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30309

Company Contact:
Lance Healy
Managing Director

FD Real Asset Advisors addresses the unique needs of investors in income-producing, real asset projects. As a FINRA-licensed* investment banking practice, the firm assists its clients with evaluating “greenfield” and “brownfield” investment opportunities, as well as arranging and structuring all types of equity and debt financing for owners and investors in the real asset sectors (infrastructure, energy, agriculture, specialized real estate). The firm also provides advisory and feasibility services utilizing the 40-year track record of innovation at Frazier & Deeter CPA and Advisory. [*C.L. Healy as registered representative of Bridge Capital Associates, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC].