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Albarrie Environmental Services

P: 705-737-3906
F: 705-737-9652

Mailing Address:
340 Huronia Road
Barrie, ON L4N 8Y9

Company Contact:
Colin Ramal
Sales Manager

Albarrie Environmental Services(AES) is your source for filtration products and maintenance expertise. We manufacture a full range of particulate filter bags for all dust collector systems; and fabrics and filters for liquid filtration applications. We’re the only completely integrated filter bag supplier in North America.We also supply baghouse accessories including cages, door seals, dryer drum seals, fluorescent leak detection powder and other custom products.We offer rapid-response troubleshooting, baghouse inspections, regular maintenance, filter bag replacement, and high efficiency filter bag cleaning. Albarrie’s High Efficiency Cleaning (HEC) service is performed right inside your baghouse with minimal shutdown and delays