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Bauer Compressors, Inc.

P: 757-855-6006

Mailing Address:
1328 Azalea Garden Road
Norfolk, VT 23502

Company Contact:
M. Garrett Blake
Sales Engineer

BAUER is widely recognized as a global leader in gas compression systems, including Biogas, Renewable Natural Gas, and Compressed Natural Gas. BAUER offers a complete range of compressor systems designed to feed biogas upgrading systems such as membranes, PSA, etc. for biogas applications. BAUER also offers high-pressure compressor systems to inject upgraded RNG into the grid or fill tube trailers for a virtual pipeline. A wide range of options are available to satisfy your needs with discharge pressures ranging from 90 to 5,000 PSIG, flowrates from 15 to 2,300 SCFM, and motor power ratings from 7.5 to 750 HP. All BAUER compressor systems are covered by a comprehensive warranty and backed through a strong local customer support network.